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Author Tony Kessinger

Tony Kessinger has been teaching the Bible for more than forty years in venues ranging from cattle stalls to the basilicas of Europe, from homes to mega churches. Wherever people congregate is a good place to open the Bible and discover what God has to say.

For thirty-two years of his life, Tony was a financial service professional, honing his skills in post graduate studies. He held professional licenses in real estate, mortgage brokering, and insurance. In 1983 Tony experienced an overwhelming desire to know more about the Bible. He enrolled in a postgraduate program and earned a Master of Arts Degree. Many times, as he spoke to various groups, Tony was asked why he was studying theology when he was a business man. Tony could give no clear cut answer. Just prior to his graduation from graduate school, he was asked the same question. When he could not answer the question, an elderly lady spoke up. She announced that she knew the answer. Tony smiled and asked her to tell him why. She said, “So you will be ready to be used when God is ready to use you.” Instantly, Tony knew she was right.

In 1983 Tony began a ministry teaching Bible studies and preaching in chapel services to minor league baseball players. His ministry expanded to major and minor league baseball players from 1991-2000.

In 2004 Tony earned a Ph.D. in religion. That was also the year that he founded Truth Seekers International. The ministry once again expanded. Tony began travelling to various parts of the world, teaching pastors who had not had the opportunity for a seminary education. To date, Tony has taught on five continents, in twenty-one countries, to more than three thousand pastors and church workers.

Tony has authored several books, contributed articles to a Bible dictionary, and published both music and poetry.